An order can be entered by phone, fax, e-mail via home page, or at the shop.An order can be entered by phone, fax, e-mail via home page, or at the shop.

Attention on Ordering


●An order may be entered one week prior to a delivery date.
●Since the shop is closed on Tuesday, shipment will not be done on that day. Also in case Tuesday is holiday, the shop will be closed on the next day, Wednesday, and shipment will not be made on that day.
●For the order other than the set menu, costs will be added to the goods, for the box and transportation. Please ask them if needed.
●Transportation will be done by the cool home delivery system of “Kuroneko” Yamato Transportation Company..
●The delivery date is the next day of the shipment for regular areas, but for the following areas, the delivery date will be two days after the shipment: Hokkaido, Okinawa, isolated islands, and all Kyushu except for the Fukuoka prefecture.
●As for the delivery time, unless a request is made, the time depends on the Yamato’s regular service. Please fill-in your request on the order sheet, if needed. For Fukuoka only an order for the delivery time in the morning cannot be made.
●As for the delivery date, we will try to follow as requested as possible, however, in case some item(s) is(are) not available on the shipping date, it may not be followed. Please acknowledge.


At the shipment, a sheet of bill will be included in the package. Payment may be done when the package is received with the bill. The remittance may be made for either post office account or bank account mentioned on the bill. Charge for the remittance to be born by the sender.


●Please acknowledge the response on the inquiry may take a few days.
When ordering by e-mail via home page, please utilize the inquiry box for the request or question in the bottom of the order sheet.

Order(s) by Fax

order sheet download(PDF)

About an order

In case of ordering by fax, please crick the button in the left to show the order sheet, and then download and print it

Adobe Readerdownload

Ordering by E-mail – the followings

Please fill the requested boxes, and then crick the button to proceed for “To the page of confirmation”.
After confirming that there is no mistake, please transmit.

indicates the required items

Order Form

Jogayama(plump cotton tofu) ¥300piece
Bessoyama(smooth silk tofu) ¥300piece
Mohei(fried cotton tofu) ¥400piece
Korokoro Age
(A small cubic version of Mohei.)
¥400piecesmall cubic version of Mohei, 4 pieces in a pack
Otsuta(fried silk tofu) ¥400piece
Awayuki Tofu(draw tofu) ¥300piece(small/300g)
Awayuki Tofu(draw tofu) ¥500piece(large/500g)
Asa-no-Tsuyu(soy milk) ¥250piece(200ml)
Asa-no-Tsuyu(soy milk) ¥500piece(500ml)
Misozuke Zanmai(Tofu preserved in miso) ¥600pieceEach one piece of sweet, semisweet and salty packed.
Fukura Suzume(baked tofu by charcoal) ¥400piecelimited time-offer in Winter, November thru March
Hijiki-no-Oboro-Tofu-Ae ¥350pieceAs it may not be available in winter, please ask if it is available when ordering.
Okara ¥100piece(300g)
Natural Salt-Produst of Goto island ¥550piece(100g)
Natural Bittern-Produst of Okunoto-Endenmura ¥400piece(100ml)
Natural Bittern-Produst of Okunoto-Endenmura ¥1,000piece(500ml)
Tofu set for Four Seasons' Regular Service
Please choose the desired month course
¥5,000 Set Four times a year
Tofu set for Four Seasons' Regular Service
Please choose the desired month course
¥7,000Set Four times a year
Trial Set.-A ¥5,000Set
Trial Set.-B ¥7,000Set
All prices include consumption tax


Preferred date for delivery and time date month
Phone ex.076-000-0000
Fax ex.076-000-0000

Place to Deliver

Phone ex.076-000-0000
FAX ex.076-000-0000

Requests, etc.

Destination is multiple, or, please enter the other requests.
Requests, etc.

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